Satirical Press International (SPI): On the set of The Today Show, Matt Lauer looks into the camera with the beautiful Natalie Morales by his side:

Lauer: Thank you, Natalie, for that provocative segment on making macaroni ‘n cheese as a sure thing to please fussy kids. Now let’s go to a special report from Savannah Guthrie in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Savannah Guthrie stands before a crowd of 30 middle-aged women wearing a variety of Fort Collins High School tee shirts and carrying signs.

Guthrie: Thanks, Matt. I’m here in sunny Fort Collins with a group celebrating their 25th reunion from Ft. Collins High School. (Guthrie moves to a group of women in the front). Hello! Who do we have here?

First Women: My name is Carol Lynn Martin. I’d like to send a big shout out to my wonderful husband and love of my life, Gary! Hi Honey! Go Lambkins!

Group: Good Morning, America! Go Lambkins!!!!!!!!

Guthrie: That’s the other show, but no worries. What are Lambkins?

Carol Lynn: The mascot of Fort Collins High School. Go Lambkins, Fight, Fight, Fight!

Guthrie: Do baby lambs fight? Anyway, I wanted to ask you about the latest news from Donald Trump. Are you a Trump supporter?

Carol Lynn: Absolutely yes. Make America Great Again! (huge applause from group).

Guthrie: Yesterday, Mr. Trump criticized Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine for raising taxes in New Jersey. What do you say to that faux pas?

Carol Lynn: What’s a foe paw?

Guthrie: A misstep. It’s French.

Carol Lynn: We speak American around here, Savannah. (wild cheers)

Guthrie: Okay, but what do you think about Mr. Trump’s statement about Tim Kaine?

Carol Lynn: Sorry if it’s not politically correct, Savannah, but Mr. Trump says it straight. That’s what America needs! (group cheers wildly).

Guthrie: But Tim Kaine is a U.S. Senator from Virginia. He has nothing to do with New Jersey or its taxes.

Carol Lynn: The liberal, super-critical media people are always poking at Mr. Trump for what he says.

Guthrie: But what he said is completely untrue.

Carol Lynn: It’s how we feel!!!! (huge applause)

Guthrie: You feel angry about higher taxes in New Jersey, even though Mr. Kaine had nothing to do with it and you all live in Colorado?

Carol Lynn: Yes. I heard all about it from Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

Guthrie: There you have it, Matt. The Lambkins are rabid for Donald Trump. Back to you in Studio 3B.

Lauer: Thanks, Savannah. It looks like quite a reunion. Next up: how to keep your dog from rolling in dead fish during your next family picnic.


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