CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interrupts his interview of a Donald Trump spokesman for breaking news:

Blitzer: “We’ve just learned the results of a new CNN national poll. According to a poll of likely Republican voters, most do not believe Ohio Governor John Kasich is qualified to be President of the United States. For a full report, let’s go to CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent, Dana Bash, who is in Akron covering the upcoming Ohio primary.”

(Bash slowly nods repeatedly to camera while Blitzer introduces her.)

Blitzer: Dana, what can you tell us about this incredibly important poll, maybe the most critical poll in this campaign, if not the last several elections?

Bash: Wolf, I just talked with Kasich campaign officials, and they can’t make heads or tails of this.

Blitzer: Can you shed any light on the poll? Do Americans think Governor Kasich lacks the relevant experience of the other candidates or is it a character issue or maybe voters don’t understand the Governor’s record? Or was it something the other candidates did?

Bash: Great question, Wolf. I’ve gathered three likely Republican voters here for their views.

(Three Ohioans stand next to Bash, who turns to interview middle-aged man wearing a Trump Make America Great Again hat)

Bash: Sir, you are a Trump supporter, correct?

Man: Yes.

Bash: Let me share some facts with you: John Kasich has completely turned around Ohio’s budget, from a huge deficit to a surplus, and he’s been reelected and is a hugely popular governor.

Man: Yeah, so?

Bash: And he was in Congress for 18 years previously, elected in his early 30s and served as the head of the House Budget Committee, where he successful drafted a balanced budget, unheard of these days, and he was a member of the Armed Services Committee, making quite knowledgeable of foreign and military affairs.

Man: If you say so.

Bash: Do you believe the Governor lacks the qualifications to be President?

Man: I just don’t see how that stuff is relevant. Can you help me connect the dots?

(Bash turns to a young man in an Ohio State sweatshirt)

Bash: In addition to what I just mentioned, do you know that Governor Kasich graduated from Ohio State?

Young Man: Just because he went to The Ohio State University doesn’t make him qualified. If we want a Buckeye, I would go with Urban Meyer, the football coach.

Bash: Why?

Young Man: Because he won the national championship with a third string quarterback; he’d make Mexico pay for the wall.

(Bash turns to middle-aged woman)

Bash: Ma’am, after what I just said about Governor Kasich’s qualifications, could you support him for President?

Woman: Until Donald Trump starts mocking him and calling him names, I just can’t take him seriously.