Satirical Press International (SPI)

CNN’s beautiful morning anchor, Carol Costello, comes on the air after a reserve mortgage advertisement featuring Henry Winkler. Her microphone comes on prematurely….

Costello: “No, I don’t know how the hell reverse mortgages work either—-“

(After a brief pause) Costello: “Excuse me. As the American presidential campaign heats up, several thousand Americans are looking for love north of the border. A new web site,, works to link Americans fleeing a Trump or Clinton presidency with willing Canadians. For further details, let’s go to Anderson Cooper outside Niagara Falls. Anderson, what are you seeing?”

AC: “Carol, business is booming here along the U.S.-Canadian border. Ever since Trump and Clinton became the presumptive nominees, thousands of Americans have joined, looking for potential Canadian spouses to shortcut the immigration process.”

Costello: “Where are you seeing the biggest impact?”

AC: “Bars and restaurants, for sure, and interestingly, the hotel business has gotten brisk.”

Costello: “Have you seen it happen?”

AC: “Yes, I was at a Tim Horton’s and could see people wandering in and scanning the crowd. Usually, they shake hands and sit down with someone, but a few times, I saw them turn briskly away and bolt for the door.”

Costello: “False advertising?”

AC: “Yeah, I think some are taking PhotoShop liberties with their profile pictures.”

Costello: “Can you tell if more Americans are fleeing Trump or Clinton?”

AC: “Interesting question, Carol. For some insight, I’ve got Jacques Les Petitemains, the owner of a restaurant here. Mr. Les Petitemains, thank you for joining us. What type of American customer do you see most?”

Petitemains: “It depends on the American polls.”

AC: “What do you mean?”

Petitemains: “When Clinton leads in the polls, we notice many Trump supporters on dates at our restaurant, some from far away.”

AC: “How can you tell they are Trump supporters?”

Petitemains: “Many favor steak with expensive red wine, but a surprising number prefer Busch Light and some from the American South order something called sweet tea.”

AC: “Sweet tea?”

Petitemains: “Yeah, we had to look up the recipe on the internet and buy sacks of sugar to make it.”

AC: “What happens when Trump leads in the polls?”

Petitemains: “Everything changes. We have frequent requests for vegan dishes and many, many people asking for gluten-free meals. They also insist on free-range chicken.”

AC: “How about drinks? Do you see a change in ordering habits?”

Petitemains: “Yes, sir. Many order craft beers, and the hipsters like Pabst Blue Ribbon—you know, in the big cans?”

AC: “One of my faves.”

Petitemains: “And the Latinos look nervous and go for tequila.”

AC: “I can imagine. Anything else?”

Petitemains: “The Clinton supporters seem to really like my name.”

AC: “Petitemains? Why?”

Petitemains: “Because it means ‘small hands’ in French.”

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