If you’re among the tens of millions worldwide who scratch your head over American political news, Satirical Press International may be the answer. It’s the political fake news site that helps answer the most sophisticated political inquires, like “How big are Donald Trump’s hands?” or “How do we get a really great, great deal with Iran, something amazingly great, never seen before, great deal?” or “Could Andrew Jackson have negotiated an end to the American Civil War from his grave?”


“When Donald Trump lashed out against President Obama and called his Hawaiian birth certificate a fraud, American politics sat on the precipice of something new and different. Then we all fell helplessly into the gorge. Before long, Donald Trump was beating up his Republican rivals, calling them names like “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted”, and hammering journalists (Megyn Kelly), actresses (Rosie O’Donnell and Meryl Streep) and a former Miss Universe (Alicia Machado). He called for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. and a wall to be built on the Mexican border and paid for by Mexico. Trump also spoke of deals, great deals, deals that our government had never seen before. Not to be outdone, Democratic leader Hillary Clinton thought it wise to delete tens of thousands of emails allegedly pertaining to Chelsea’s wedding, while continuing to raise vast sums from foreign leaders for the Clinton Foundation. Her husband collected millions and millions in speeches and consulting fees, stopping only briefly to meet with the U.S. Attorney General on her jet in the midst of the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails.


Buzz Kill is not for everyone–only those who’ve worked in a company and scratched their heads about crazy corporate rules or seriously wonder if the Human Resources quartet is missing a cello. Come to think of it, Buzz Kill is for everyone who loves to laugh.

What happens when a southern company, Lund Plastics, hits the skids and hires a Chinese transplant with hilariously awful English to run its fledgling R&D department? Not much, many thought, until Dr. Chen showed remarkable creativity in team building. He utilizes radical methods like Celebrity Dress Up Roller Blading Scavenger Hunt in Miami Beach in team meetings, all to the great chagrin of human resources. They thought the portrayal of Dolly Parton and Cameron Diaz (in her short What About Mary red dress) by men was discriminatory.

Chen’s antics attract the ire of human resources, forcing many to attend sensitivity training, an experience so brutal, even Dick Cheney would call it torture.

As Chen, his team and his boss chart the turnaround of Lund Plastics, they are met with bureaucratic and politically correct road blocks at every turn. The hilarious tale is symbolic of today’s American culture, where political correctness has a death grip on business, education and government, while Cialis commercials with their graphic disclaimers run rampart on network television.


Latino Caravan Imperils United States

Latino Caravan Imperils United States

Morales: “June, have you heard the news about the caravan and what do you think about it?”

June: “Yeah, my husband, Frank, and I watched it on Lou Dobbs last night. We’re terrified.”

Morales: “Why?”

June: “Because they’re headed this way is why.”

Morales: “June, do you know that the caravan consists of up to 1,000 people.”

June: “1,000! OH MY GOD!!!!!! (turning to the crowd) Come on, everyone, we don’t have much time!”

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China Bans Pooh Bear (Not Fake News)

China Bans Pooh Bear (Not Fake News)

Hunt: “Good afternoon, I’m Kasie Hunt, with breaking news from China. In the wake of President Xi becoming exempt from term limits, the first such leader since Chairman Mao, Chinese censors have banned Winnie the Pooh from China. To discuss this development, I’m here in our D.C. studios with an expert panel: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore (camera shows the characters seated at a semi circular table to Kasie’s left).

Hunt: “Good afternoon. Winne, can you comment on being banned in China?”

Pooh: “Please call me Pooh Bear (giggles).”

Hunt: “My pleasure, Pooh Bear. What do you think of this?”

Pooh (pointing to his head): “Think, think, think.”

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Happy Fish=Dead Fish: The Saga of Great Lakes Antidepressants

Happy Fish=Dead Fish: The Saga of Great Lakes Antidepressants

The reason for the rise in antidepressant levels was a mystery that Satirical Press International set out to solve. In general, Americans are taking more antidepressants, especially during and after the presidential election of 2016, but there’s more than meets the eye, according to Doug Boersma of Muskegon, Michigan, an industrial city on the shores of Lake Michigan.

“Have you ever spent a winter is Muskegon?” Boorsma asked the SPI reporter, “If you did, you’d be popping antidepressants like Junior Mints at the movies.”

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“His first effort, Buzz Kill (Balboa Press, 2014), is an irreverent take on corporate America that follows the travails of Chen, a fish-out-of-water Chinese scientist with a shaky command of English who is tapped by an American manufacturing firm to build an R&D team. The group he cobbles together includes a Harley-riding Cajun lesbian, a pudgy good ol’ boy with a penchant for strip clubs, a sultry VP of finance and a tobacco-chewing NASCAR-enthusiast Chinese transplant named Dr. Miao.”

— Karsten Strauss, Forbes Magazine

Not only are regular folks loving the corporate satire but the big whigs in the press have taken notice too. Click on an article below to have a read.

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• A review by publisher Nancy E. Randolph of Just Write Books